Qor Gaming enters the Valorant Challengers League 2024 season

Qor Gaming enters the Valorant Challengers League 2024 season

Leading esports organization, Qor Gaming, qualifies for VCL 2024.  Making themselves the home to the Vegas QoR Valorant Challengers competitive team, as they compete their way for an opportunity at a 2 year franchised seat in 2025!

Las Vegas, February 15, 2024 – Qor Gaming, a prominent North American esports organization established in 2021, has qualified for the Valorant Challengers League.  The highly anticipated season is set to begin March 19, 2024 with two Splits, Split 1 March 19, 2024 through May 2, 2024, and the second Split remains unannounced by Riot Games.

The QoR Valorant roster boasts an impressive player dynamic which ranges from post Challenger seasoned players and new talent.  The roster consists of Travis “Tdawgg” Regan, the current QoR Valorant in-game leader, Michael “Nerve” Yerrow, Nathan “Snarly” Bardis, Damion “XXiF” Cook, and Elijah “Zeldris” Hawkins.  The team is supported by veteran coaches, Kyle “Ocean” O’Brien and “Matthew “Slow” Amuah who both have consistently qualified and coached teams in the last 3 VCL leagues.  The team is supported by Manager, Angelina “Soupberries” A. 


The Rise

QoR Valorant was established in 2022 as a competitive North American Valorant roster.  Starting from the bottom with new talent, QoR underwent off-season training and roster changes through 2022.  At the start of 2023, QoR Valorant made its clear climb toward the top with an impressive First Place win at the HyperX Vegas Spike Drop LAN event on February 24, 2023 landing them a Top 50 placing across all of North America. 

As the team continued to undergo roster changes and compete during the 2023 off-season, QoR Valorant claimed additional 2nd and 3rd place winnings in several on-line and in-person events, landing them a Top 30 placing across all of North America.

Toward the final months of the off-season 2023, QoR Valorant did not rest as they added another First Place win at the HyperX Vegas Heist Spike Drop LAN event on October 26, 2023. This win landed them a Top 20 placing across all of North America.

Through their drive and dedication to the esports competitive scene, QoR Valorant currently finds their home with Qor Gaming, who is currently a Top 10 organization in all of North America. 


Origin of Qor Gaming


Qor Gaming is an established esports organization based in the beloved city of Las Vegas.  Through local strategic partnerships, Qor Gaming has become the offical Vegas esports organization and home to the QoR Valorant team, your official Vegas Valorant Challengers team. 


Qor Gaming is the powerhouse behind the competitive FPS game currently in beta, One Tap, a visionary free to play esports-style FPS game built on blockchain with assets and game rewards who are held and owned by the gamer.  Qor Gaming boasts a Content Creator roster with a variety of gamers creating content daily through platforms such as X, Instagram, Twitch, Kick, YouTube and TikTok.  In the fourth quarter 2023, Qor Gaming entered the Fighting Game Community with a prominent FGC competitive player, AJ “2eZ” Pieri.  2eZ is a 2023 EVO finalist and holds numerous Top 4 wins across the globe in games such as Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Granblue Fantasy Versus, Multiversus and more. 

 QoR Wins Qualifier

What’ Next

Qor Gaming anticipates a star struck VCL 2024 season for their fans and supporters in which QoR Valorant will fight for their spot in Ascension 2024, QoR 2eZ will fight for his Top 4 placements in MK1 NA League as well as at events such as LvL Up Expo and EVO 2024, and their excellence in bringing the entertainment back to esports by the continuous output of innovative and “behind the scenes” content.


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