Qor Gaming Welcomes Michael "Nerve" Yerrow and Travis "Tdawgg" Regan to Valorant Roster for 2023-2024 Season

Qor Gaming Welcomes Michael "Nerve" Yerrow and Travis "Tdawgg" Regan to Valorant Roster for 2023-2024 Season

Leading esports organization, Qor Gaming, strengthens its Valorant roster with two seasoned talents, Michael "Nerve" Yerrow and Travis "Tdawgg" Regan, as they gear up for an exciting 2024 Challengers campaign.

 Las Vegas, August 8, 2023– Qor Gaming, a prominent figure in the esports realm since September 2021, has proudly announced the addition of Michael "Nerve" Yerrow and Travis "Tdawgg" Regan to their Valorant roster for the remainder of the 2023 season and into the highly anticipated 2024 competitive season. Alongside these talents, Qor Gaming boasts a lineup consisting of Snarly and Cheatcode, promising a formidable team that is bound to make waves in the Valorant esports scene.

Nerve and Tdawgg


Michael "Nerve" Yerrow, an esteemed American player, brings a wealth of experience to the team, having participated in nearly 100 tournaments since the inception of his career in April 2020. Nerve has showcased his remarkable skills under various banners, including 99 Strength, Disguised, Soniqs (formerly the Susquehanna Soniqs), Cosmic Divide, and Third Impact. With an impressive collection of 12 first-place awards and 7 second-place finishes, Nerve's addition to the Qor Gaming roster promises to elevate the team's gameplay and strategic prowess. Having already made his mark in 7+ tournaments with Qor Gaming, the organization is eagerly anticipating more stellar performances from Nerve in the future.

 Travis "Tdawgg" Regan, another exceptional American player, has displayed his talents since August 2020.  Tdawgg's journey has seen him participate in over 40 tournaments, securing an impressive 8 first-place victories. Tdawgg's illustrious career also features a competitive career with Shopify Rebellion during the 2023 Valorant Challengers League, and not to mention an extensive streaming record. Tdawgg is currently on a 1200 day stream streak on Twitch.  That did not stop him from creating highly entertaining and competitive content on platforms such as YouTube and TikTok as well.  Since joining Qor Gaming, he has left his mark in 7+ tournaments, contributing significantly to the team's growth and achievements.

 Qor Gaming's proactive approach to talent acquisition during the off-season demonstrates its commitment to excellence. With the inclusion of Nerve and Tdawgg, the organization continues to solidify its presence in the competitive Valorant landscape. The roster's cohesion, fortified by the distinct strengths of each player, is poised to create an even stronger contender as Qor Gaming prepares for the 2024 Challengers circuit.

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 About Qor Gaming

Qor Gaming, LLC is the power behind the revolutionary Qorbi World, a visionary free-to-play multi-game ecosystem that merges esports-style gaming, blockchain game rewards, and NFT in-game assets. QoR is Qor Gaming’s up-and-coming Valorant esports team. Qor Gaming also boasts a Content Creator roster with a variety of gamers.  Qor Gaming is a forward-thinking esports organization that has been dedicated to shaping the future of esports since September 2021.

 Qor Gaming consistently seeks out top-tier talent to ensure a competitive edge in the dynamic world of esports. Through strategic partnerships and continuous growth, Qor Gaming aims to achieve remarkable success on the global esports stage.

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