QoR Valorant closes out Challengers NA Split 1

QoR Valorant closes out Challengers NA Split 1

The road through Valorant’s North American Challengers League (VCL) is windy and uncertain, as twelve of NA’s toughest teams duke it out in search of one goal: ascension into the next season of the premier Valorant Champions Tour league. While the second half of the VCL is just starting to get underway, engaging storylines and rivalries have already been developed. One team that has stood out is QoR as they pulled off a successful underdog campaign in the first split of the season.

In the leadup to the VCL season, QoR had been gaining momentum in off-season events and tournaments but started the qualifiers off to a rough start with a disappointing exit in the initial qualifier for VCL. QoR rebounded well for the last chance qualifier, however, taking the first spot in it to mark their spot in the VCL. Unfortunately, QoR started slow in split 1, losing their first two matches and potentially facing relegation. Just like in the open qualifiers, QoR regained their composure and went on a three-game winning streak to finish with a 3-2 record in their group and a 3rd-place finish overall in split 1. In the final match of the split, QoR faced off against league-favorites Oxygen Esports and pulled off a dominant upset, capping off their underdog run to become one of the frontrunners of the VCL.

Behind every underdog story, there are individuals at the helm to make it happen. With QoR, all five of the players played important roles in making their split successful. Team captain Tdawgg rallied his troops against difficult odds to push QoR from the bottom of the standings to the top. Star duelist player Zeldris brought confidence and energy to his teammates, and his strong performances in every match proved vital. Veteran Xxif brought composure to his young squad and his clutch performances in game after game helped close out nailbiting series to push QoR up the standings. Rookie snarly proved he belonged among the best with high-intensity plays and firepower that bolstered QoR throughout the split. Nerve added in-game prowess in his role along with energy and ideas outside of the server.. Finally, coach Ocean helped develop the players into the threats they are today along with keeping the team focused on their goal of winning every match possible.

With the second half of group play just getting underway, QoR looks to continue their success from split 1 and complete their Cinderella story as champions of the VCL.


~Matthew Amuah

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